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Roxie Nafousi is an self-development coach, manifesting expert, author, ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation and Instagram Agony Aunt. Her commitment to transforming the lives of people who suffer with emotional and mental health issues, and helping them to fulfil their potential, has seen her become a well-known figure in the wellness world. She has hosted self love and motivational workshops

“I just want EVERYONE to know HOW deserving, worthy and loved they REALLY are

and events for major brands as well as being a regular speaker on wellness and mental health panels both in and outside the UK. She has written regularly for major publications including Marie Claire UK, Female First, Evening Standard, E! Online, to name a few.

After years of living a hedonistic lifestyle in her early 20s, fuelled by partying and poor self care, Roxie found herself at her rock bottom. She suffered depression on/ off for 6 years and in 2016 she decided to open up about her issues with the world through her writing.

From here her inward journey to happiness began. She created a ‘mental health tool box’ to help her to recover from depression and immediately felt it was her purpose to help as many people as she could reach to implement a ‘tool box’ of their own.

Roxie believes that we do not learn to be resilient and happy through the rough times, but actually through the good times: It is when we are in a positive mental space that we can really work on strengthening our minds and unlocking our inner power so that when challenging times come our way, we are more adept at handling them and recovering from them quickly.

Roxie is truly motivated to encourage people to live the best life they can, to chase their dreams and to understand the infinite power that lies within them to create the life they truly desire.

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